Prabhu Dayal Vidyalaya

 Education Character Growth

Our Motto



Bricks and mortar don't make a school, nor do books and equipment. Of course, we are proud of the excellent infrastructure,  digitally equipped classrooms, modern labs and other facilities - but we never forget these are merely tools to an end - meaningful education. Run by reputed educationists, PDV focuses on each child with an innovative '360 degree Assessment' and a unique 'Personalized Teaching Plan'. 



We don't just teach a curriculum - we prepare the students for life. PDV has a strong emphasis on values, personality development and life skills. We focus on the development of  'mind, body and soul'. Our aim is to create wholesome personalities, ready to explore the journey called life.



At PDV, education is play, and play is education!
We don't thinks of art, music, sports or other activities as extra-curricular or co-curricular. For us they are an integral part of education, character building and the all round growth of a child. Education may be a serious business, but we try to make it - 'a child's play'!  


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